Dashboard warning lights are often the only tell-tale indication car owners will receive when their vehicle begins experiencing problems. Ignoring these warnings could result in costly repairs that could have otherwise been avoided. At Audi Central Houston, we make sure our customers' vehicles leave the lot in perfect working order. We encourage you to give us a call or stop on in if you see any of the following warnings:

  • Check Engine: An image of an engine block can mean a number of issues in regard to how the engine of your vehicle is performing. To correctly diagnose the problem, it is best to have the vehicle inspected by a professional.
  • Oil Pressure Warning: Seeing an image of an oil can on your dashboard could mean a loss of oil pressure in your vehicle and should be addressed immediately.
  • Battery/Charging Alert: The battery symbol indicates the vehicle's charging system is not functioning properly and could potentially result in loss of power to the entire vehicle.

Some of these warnings are more serious than others, but none should be ignored. If you have any questions or see any of these warning lights on your dashboard feel free to visit our Audi service center in Houston, TX to have your vehicle checked out by our trained professionals.

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