Leasing the vehicle of your dreams is a great way to save money on being able to drive a nice car, without forking over the purchase price in a lump sum. You also get lower monthly payments to make the vehicle more affordable. The only downside is that you don't get to keep the car.

When the end of your lease term inevitably comes rolling around, you'll have the options about how to proceed.

Dealers will sometimes offer you the option of buying the leased car with a discount. If you have enough money, and the discount actually drops the vehicle's current price below market value, you should consider the offer. You could also extend the lease, lease a new car, or simply return it and walk away.

Contact us at Audi Central Houston if you want help weighing the big decision you will make at the end of your lease. Our finance center in Houston, TX has plenty of information we'd be willing to share.

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