We know that saving for your new Audi R8 can be challenging, particularly if you have a gas-guzzling beater car that simply does not stop breaking down for you. There are cases like these where keeping the tires properly inflated won't make much of a difference, which is where the Audi A3 comes in.

As a more affordable, fuel-efficient car, the A3 can help Houston area customers save up for the R8 of your dreams. Of course, you may discover that another new Audi model like the A3 is dreamy enough for you, offering 220 horsepower and up to 43 mpg highway along with luxury style and technology, and at an affordable price, who wouldn't love this newcomer? Visit Audi Central Houston for a test drive of a model that could end up being your dream within a dream, and let us show you the ways we can help you budget for that R8.

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