What Can You Use to Add Traction to an Icy Driveway?

Salt, sand or kitty litter? What do all these quite random things have in common? Surprisingly, all three of these materials have the ability to give your car traction in the slippery winter conditions. While we don’t typically encounter icy or snow-covered roads here in Houston, we know that many drivers from our community travel up North to visit with loved ones during the winter. Here we will discuss a few things about each traction-adding option so that you can prevent a mishap on your holiday adventures.

To begin, salt is the only one of the three that has the ability to melt ice. Within a few hours of spreading salt, it can make a sheet of ice disappear. If you need something to put on your driveway or street, salt is the go-to. Just give yourself some extra time as it is not immediately effective. It can also be expensive and harmful to plants and animals, so spread it carefully. Next, there is sand and kitty litter. These two are safe to keep in your car for an emergency. They are similar, however sand is probably the better option when your car’s stuck because the kitty litter can get really messy as it soaks up the moisture.

From the Audi Central Houston team to yours – Warm wishes for a magical holiday season!

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