Sharing is Caring—Audi & Porsche Team Up for Shared Vehicle Architecture Strategy

To tackle the challenges presented by future mobility needs, two automotive giants have agreed to go it together—at least when it comes to electrified drivetrains, autonomous vehicles, and digitization! Audi partners with Porsche to develop technology to carry us all—literally—into the future.



You might be asking yourself, Why would these seeming competitors agree to forge the future together? Progress is more quickly made when you team up, and this isn’t the first time there’s been collaboration between these two auto giants. As the landscape for the automotive world shifts, keeping pace and leading the curve are increasingly important. This partnership will allow Audi to stay at the top of the pack and develop some truly revolutionary technology alongside the brilliant minds from Porsche.

“The best brains of both companies will together set the technical course for the future,” stated Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG. “We are united by many shared values, above all, by our pursuit of the best solutions and the best offerings for our customers.” —from an 04.05.17 Audi MediaCenter Pres Release

“Together, we will make faster progress in the race for the mobility of the future. We will utilize the expertise of both companies and take advantage of synergies,” said Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Board of Management of Porsche AG. “We will cooperate wherever it makes sense. But we will also be very careful to maintain the differentiation between our brands. A Porsche is always a Porsche, and that will remain so in the future.” —from an 04.05.17 Audi MediaCenter Pres Release

While this newly announced partnership is certainly exciting, if you’re a Houston area driver who is searching for an outstanding luxury sedan, crossover, or SUV, our showroom is still the best place around to find the many standout stars of the current Audi lineup. Bring us your heaviest driving demands and all your burning questions and our friendly sales staff will get to work helping you find just the new Audi model to match.

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