Safety Shines Brightly with Audi

Recently the American Automobile Association conducted a study and pointed out how relatively unsafe some headlights are. As a result, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is beginning to rethink its practice of evaluating Top Safety Pick+ vehicles, now possibly making advanced lighting technology criteria for the award.

While this potential new practice may put current Top Safety Pick+ rides at risk of losing their prestigious recognition, it's not an issue for Audi.


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Quattro for all seasons

Do you know everything the Audi A4 has to offer? Aside from 220 horsepower, the A4 gives you peace of mind with quattro all-wheel drive technology that provides added grip when the weather becomes unpredictable. If that isn't enough security, consider how it also offers the ability to enjoy a parking system with rear view camera, Audi side assist, and xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights for added visibility. As if that wasn't enough, the A4 turns heads so fast that others might be in danger of suffering whiplash.

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